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Turn Your Written Words Into Wealth

( How You Too Can Sell Your Writing While You Sleep)


"How to Make Money Writing, Recording and Selling Your Own Information Products"

If you know or can do something interesting that shows people how to

  • Make Money
  • Save Money
  • Save Time
  • Start a Hobby
  • Get Healthy
  • Improve Relationships
  • ETC...

There is a world out there willing to pay for a booklet, manual, special report or CD on the subject.

Why not write a booklet/special report/manual or record your " How To"
information on an audio CD and sell it online and off for great profits?

I do it all the time and so can you.

Dear Fellow Writer,

My name is Mike Moore and I promise that if you follow the strategies and techniques outlined in "How to Write, Record and Sell Your Own Information Products" you too will soon be earning $50 to $100 and up per night selling while you sleep.

Hey...if I can do it you can too!!

Before I go any farther I want to be honest and clear. I am not one of those gurus who say they make a zillion dollars a year selling online. What I can say to you, in all honesty, is that, at present, I do sell between $500 and $1500 per month and it is increasing all the time. The earning potential is fantastic!

Couldn't you use this kind of extra money each month doing something you love to do without ever leaving your home?

Write it once and sell it forever! It can't get any better than this.

My main income comes from speaking throughout Canada and the USA between 40 and 50 times a year. While I love my work as a speaker I can't be on the road speaking every day of the year. I soon realized that I needed to have income coming in when I wasn't out speaking, That's why I turned to selling my information products online and off.

It has really worked well for me and it will for you too.

Let me show you how I do it.

All you have to do is read the rest of this page and invest $7.00 in a copy of my Special Report, " How To Write, Record and Sell Your Own Information Products " It could be the best $7.00 you ever spend.

PS If you have a question all you have to do is email me and I will help you.

Sound appealing??? Read On.


How I got Started

Ten years ago I was a professional speaker desperately in need of my own book. After each presentation members of my audience would approach me and ask if had a book, CD, or manual for sale. The need was obvious. The market existed. All I needed to do was write a book or manual and bring it to my audiences. This is how my first book was born.

I wrote my first book , “Embracing the Mystery ”nonstop for two months and finally had it written and illustrated with my own original cartoons.

The question facing me now was who would be chosen from among thousands of publishers to bring my masterpiece to the waiting, eager multitudes.

After many submissions to numerous mainstream publishing houses and many rejection slips, I finally found one who agreed to publish my book.

The problem was that they couldn’t get around to it for about a year and a half. I would receive 20% of the retail cost of each copy sold and would have to do most of the promotion and marketing myself.

This arrangement just wasn’t satisfactory. I needed the book as soon as possible and I wanted to receive more than 20% of each copy sold.

It was then that I decided to enter the world of self publishing and started Motivational Plus Publications.

Five hundred copies of my first book were printed as a test run and I sold them all within the year as “ back of the room” items at my speeches and seminars.

Since I wasn’t on the road speaking 365 days of the year I wanted to have my book available for purchase seven days a week whether I was speaking or not. I created a store and connected it to my speaking website. I was in business.

With inexpensive and free well chosen and well directed advertising online and off I began to receive orders in my mailbox and by email. As sales increased so did the number of published items in my store.

At present I have over 20 information products, manuals, books, tapes, and special reports available for purchase from two stores.

Motivational Products Store Click Here

Public Speaking Resources Click Here

In my first year as a self publishing tycoon I sold 200 copies of my products online alone and another 200 from offline ads. Add these sales to those at my talks and you can see that I was off and running as a self publisher. The orders seem to increase in number each month.


Writers are no longer dependent on the acceptance and approval of editors and publishers. Using the internet as well as offline classified ads in popular magazines you can bring your writing directly to a wide and eager market.

People are always seeking “ how to” information. In fact the most sought after items on the internet are information products. So if you research peoples’ needs, wants and interests then write to satisfy them you are going to sell effectively.

Self publishing is simple and cost effective especially if you print on demand. You don’t print a copy of your product until you get an order for that product.

By doing this you avoid the cost of having 500 copies printed plus having to find storage space in your already cluttered basement.

Another idea that works well for me by avoiding shipping and handling costs plus the cost of printing hard copies, is selling my manuals, books and CDS as downloadable pdf files.

Once you have the file up and running and connected to a third party credit card processing company you do nothing but check the sales and calculate your profits. It really is terrific.

If you have the writing bug and have received enough rejection slips to wallpaper a bedroom, try self publishing. When that first order comes in you will feel great satisfaction and a surge of self confidence which will, inevitably, result in more sales. You will be on your way to conquering the world of self publishing and earning fantastic profits in the process.



  • How to get started in the writing and self publishing business
  • What to write about
  • How to Write what will sell
  • Where to get ideas
  • When, where and how to write
  • Producing your information products ( manuals, monographs, special reports and books
  • Producing your own audio CDS at home
  • Pricing your products
  • How to market your information products
  • Advertising
  • Testing your ads, FREE
  • Free classified ads
  • Ezine and newsletter ads
  • Paid ads
  • Offline Advertising
  • Tracking your ads
  • Where to submit ads offline
  • How to promote your products by publishing your own newsletter
  • Using search engines to promote your products
  • Pay per click search engines
  • Get publicity by writing articles
  • What really works when selling on the internet.
  • How to get Paypal, Clickbank, and to handle your orders and payments for you

Okay Mike, So What's The Cost For This Incredible Report?

This report could easily sell for 35.00. The information is that valuable. But I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even my minimum project price. In fact, your total investment for my report is only $7.00 .


Mike Moore is the author of "How to Write, Record and Sell Your Own Information Products"

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