Tips for FantasticWedding
Talks and Toasts
By speaker Mike Moore
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Special Report
If  I can show you how to avoid wedding  reception disasters and guarantee that your speeches and toasts will be a cherished  memory rather than a nightmare would you be interested?
Tips for FantasticWedding
Talks and Toasts
By speaker Mike Moore
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You are probably asking yourself what motivated a professional speaker to write a report on speaking tips and toasts at wedding receptions.

I guess it is the
result of attending receptions that I felt could use a bit of help in this department.

Wedding receptions are a wonderful part of our lives. They allow us to come
together to meet friends and celebrate new beginnings with their families.

When I was younger it was the weddings of close friends that we attended. Now
we are going to the weddings of our friend's children. The great circle of life continues.

For the most part they are enjoyable experiences, but the receptions
are frequently experiences of frustration and a little tension.

I am sure that you, like me, have sat through receptions that made you say,

The speeches went on forever and were often painful to
listen to.

With these motives in mind I offer you my suggestions to help improve the
quality of the talks and the toasts at you wedding

You Only Have One Chance to Make Magical Memories of Your
Wedding and Reception

Don't let anyone mess up your magic moment!!

Why do
you need this Special Report?

  Because you want your wedding speeches and toasts to be
 humorous, affirming, fun, articulate and delivered with class...


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* Speech Preparation Tips

*  How to Deliver a High impact Wedding Speech

*  Selecting an Master of Ceremonies

*  The Duties of an M.C.

*  A Suggested Order of Speeches

*  More Suggestions to Make Your Wedding Reception Speeches and Toasts  a Huge Success

*  How to Propose a Toast

*  Sample Toasts

*  Examples of Speech Humor

*  How to Handle the Clinking Glass and Kiss Syndrome


NOW that you realize how important both the wedding speeches and toasts are do you really want to have them thrown  together on a cocktail napkin the night before?

I don't think so.

Let me help you discover the secrets to presenting a memorable wedding speech and proposing an effective wedding toast because I want your wedding reception to be a smash hit.

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