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21 Days to Joyful, Relaxed and Confident Living
How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Joyfully in "

( Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life)
" It's never too late to change your life." MM

" Life  is a mystery to be lived and enjoyed not a problem to be solved or
endured ."

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Cartoons, articles, verse, short humour, funny one-liners, poetry all designed to give your life a HUGE BOOST when you need it most.

Mike. Both my daughter and I have finished reading your book, Embracing the Mystery. What a great read! Thank you for writing it...Very Uplifting.  John MacGillivary Ontario Canada.

This review by Wendy Priesnitz ( Ontario Canada  is for: Embracing the Mystery (Paperback) 

This is a little jewel of a book, which contains a wealth of inspiration for living a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. Moore provides tips for reducing stress, improving self-esteem, banishing fear, nurturing patience, and more. But more than that, he helps us get back in touch with the sense of joy and wonder that so often gets buried under the busyness of daily life. The author is also a cartoonist and his casual writing style is enhanced by a generous dose of appropriate cartoons, which never fail to bring a smile to my lips, no matter how glum I'm feeling. This is one of those books to which I return whenever I feel like I need help becoming a better person.

Dear Mike,
We so enjoy your philosophy, your positive attitude and your sense of humour. After extensive cancer surgery and John being diagnosed with Parkinson's life has been, and still is, at times, a bumpy road. But each day is a gift and with so much of your positive input we keep going. We hope to have the pleasure of meeting you personally. 
Until then, thank you.

                                                    John and Renata Ontario Canada

Let Me Show You Around
Embracing the Mystery

Table of Contents

  *  Humor and the Mind/Body Connection ( Laugh For the Health of It)

*  How to  Manage Stress and Gain Peace of Mind
( effective tools, tips and techniques)

*  Discover The Simple Art of Relaxation and Meditation

* Slow Me Down

*  Attitude is Everything ( Change Your Attitude; Change Your Life)

* How to Stop Worrying and Be Happy

*  How to Boost Your Self Esteem

*  The Importance of Positive Self Talk

*  How to Overcome Fear and Live Joyfully

*  Let Wellness Be Your Goal

*  The Art of Friendship

*  Grant Me Patience....NOW

*  Up Your Pizzazz ( How to Be a Person People Remember)

*  Enlightened Maladjustment ( The Enjoyment of Simple Pleasures)

*  Aging and Death ( Everyone Dies, Few Really Live)

*  My Summer Of Sadness

*  Parenting and Family

*  Healing and Enjoying the Earth

*  Learn the Wisdom of Nature

*  Random Reflections on Living a Happy Life

*  Just for the Fun of It
( eleven effective living cartoons by the author)

Facts to consider ...

  80% of us have low self esteem and 20% need a boost.

*  A sense of humor  can be developed and negative attitudes  transformed to positive  in as little as 21 days.

*  The World Health Organization says that by the year 2020 depression will be the leading cause of disability throughout the developed world.

*  We live in an age of rage: road rage, air rage and now work rage.

*  We only achieve between 2 and 5 percent of our  potential.

*  Joy has vanished from our lives.

*  Uncontrolled stress is killing us.

*  While children laugh over 400 time a day, adults can manage only 15.

*  Fear rules our lives: fear of getting old, fear of  failure, rejection, death, etc.

If any of these apply to you ( And I know they do), then it's time to take action NOW to  RETURN TO JOYFUL AND PRODUCTIVE  LIVING.

Remember that joy and happiness are our birthrights, so fight for them. Life is too wonderful not to be enjoyed.

Hey,,, we aren't here for a long time so let's make it a good time!!

That's why I wrote " Embracing the Mystery" so we can all  enjoy to the MAX the only life we have.

Go for it!!!

  80% of us have low self esteem and 20% need a boost.

A True Story from Embracing the Mystery

This actually happened to me when I was in my teens.

When I was in my late teens something happened that shook me to my roots and yet  started me on a journey to fulfillment that has resulted in me being  the confident,  person /motivational speaker I am today.

Let me tell you the storyÖ

There I was, 17 years old, 6'3"tall and weighing 129 pounds of rippling, power packed muscle. I really did look like a broomstick with glasses.

I was standing in front of a full length mirror combing my hair when my aunt, who was  visiting from out of town, passed by , looked at me and said,Ē You know Mike itís a damn good thing God gave you personality because he sure  didnít give you looks.Ē She laughed and moved on past me.

I just stood there in shock and disbelief not knowing what to say.

If you were standing  in my place  and heard these words directed at you how would you have felt?

I didnít realize the long term impact her words would have on me during the coming years and how I would struggle to heal and grow beyond their bite.

For many years after I was married whenever my wife and I were dressed to go out on the town she would look at me with admiration and say, ďMike, do you ever look handsome.Ē

For a long time my response would be, ď Carol, Iím clean and I smell good but donít get carried away.Ē

The lesson I learned from this is clear:  We donít always know how our words affect others.  Once they leave our mouth itís impossible to get them back and their negative, destructive impact can remain for years.

Because of this hurtful event I became committed to monitoring my mouth to make certain I didnít hurt others in the name of trying to be funny. Being human, I sometimes fail but when I do I immediately say Iím sorry and get back on track.

I ask you Öcan you relate to this story?  Has something like this ever happened to you?  How did you handle it and how did you overcome the negative impact on your life?


This is just one of the stories from Embracing the Mystery ( Living  the Life You Want)


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*  We create our world with the thoughts we choose to think.  Change your thoughts and change your life.


Mike's books, like his presentations, are designed to inform, entertain affirm and inspire the reader with a blend of relevant content, stories, cartoons and humor. 

Dear Mike, I loved your book. So many inspirational messages. Thank you again for sharing your wit and wisdom. We are all, indeed, on the road to fulfillment.
                                    Sincerely, L. Monroe, Kingsville ON Canada

Everyone dies, so few really live.

" The tragedy in life is not in how much we suffer, but in how much we fail to enjoy." Mike Moore

"The life we live flows from the thoughts we think."MM

Mike Moore's
" Embracing the Mystery"

The book that changed my life and launched my speaking career


" One of the best bedside books anywhere."

Over 7000 Copies Sold

( A highly readable and enjoyable book no bathroom or bedroom should be without)

Written and illustrated by the author
( Over 7000 sold in hard copy alone)

True Story
Margaret called me,  long distance, to tell me that she had recently attended one of my talks and purchased my book Embracing the Mystery. She wanted me to know how helpful it was to her.

She went on to explain the difficult situation she was living in. Ever since her husband had been diagnosed with terminal cancer he had become verbally abusive to her. It was putting a serious strain on the marriage and she wanted help coping with her toxic situation. 

After she had listened to my presentation, purchased my book and applied what she learned she found her relationship with her husband improving. Even though her situation hadn't changed, her ability to cope had.  I love to hear this kind of story.

One of the greatest tragedies is... coming to the end of our life and realizing that we never really lived.

happiness cartoon

* We all die.... but very few of us really live.
 Live the only life you have to the max!!

Here It Is Folks...the little book that sells like hotcakes after every speech I deliver. (PLUS 1 Terrific BONUS)


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107 pages/Illustrated with Mike's Cartoons

CD with 52  ready to use jpeg cartoons

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Life is a mystery to be lived and enjoyed not a problem to be solved and endured.

       Mike Moore     Check me out.

Here is a little taste of the  material found in Embracing the Mystery

( This beautiful, hope-filled poem was found in the Bible of Major Malcolm Boyle who was killed in action on D-Day 1944)

Life and Eternity

If I should never see the moon again
Rising red gold across a harvest field,
Or feel the stinging of soft April rain
As the brown earth her hidden treasure yield.

If I should never taste the salt sea spray
As the ship beats her course against the breeze,
Or smell the dog rose and the new mown hay
Or moss and primrose beneath the tree.

If I should never hear the thrushes wake
Long before sunrise in the glimmering dawn
Or watch the huge Atlantic rollers break
Against the rugged cliffs in baffling scorn.

If I have said goodbye to stream and wood
To the wide ocean and green clad hill,
I know that God who made this world so good
Has somewhere made a heaven better still.

This I bear witness with my latest breath,
Knowing God I fear not death.

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Embracing the Mystery

Mike Moore is an international speaker and writer on human happiness, motivation and humor.


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