Laughter is the best medicine in our quest for health, happiness and the joy of living

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Light Up With Laughter
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humor therapy

( The role of laughter and positive attitude in the quest for health and happiness)
This is the book that results in Mike  being invited ( over 40 times a year) to speak throughout Canada and the USA on laughter therapy, and the humor and health connection.

I'm On A Mission to Humorize the Entire World
And I want you on my team

Sound like a huge undertaking?

Maybe, but why not think BIG?


Because the world needs humor and laughter in a BIG WAY!!

*  Stress is making us ill and even  killing us

* We're living in an age of Rage

*  Violence continues to hurt and divide us

* We can't get along with one another at home, at work and even at play.

* We live in fear of so many things and we worry constantly about things that will never happen

*  Huge numbers of us are on antidepressants and tranquilizers.
( 28 million Americans are on antidepressants)

* We have lost the joy of living

OK, but what can humor and laughter do?

Glad you asked...

1. They cut stress in half by reducing cortisol
( The stress hormone)

2. Lower blood pressure

3. Increase your energy

4. Promote happiness and joy

5. Stimulate the immune system

6. Promote healing (physical and emotional)

7. Positive humor fosters a positive attitude

8. Promote social flexibility

9. Increase endorphins ( feel good chemicals)

10. Humor has been called SOCIAL GLUE because it bonds us to one another and reduces social conflict.

It is the most overlooked and underprescribed therapy going

Can you imagine the savings happy and healthy people would have on the health care system?

What can You Do??
1. Commit yourself to joy and laughter. We become what we focus on.

2. Become a humor hound. Carry a notebook and a pen with you and record the funny things your see and experience.

3. Learn to laugh at yourself.

4.  Collect cartoons and short humor and put them on your fridge door.

5.  Practise humor therapy each day and reap the fantastic health and social benefits.


                     One of My Humor Mission Resources
       Light Up With Laughter

( The role of laughter and positive attitude in the quest for health and happiness)


I found this review of my book on the internet.  Thought you might like to take a look. Mike

"Light Up With Laughter" by Mike Moore published by Motivational Plus Publishing.
 Reviewed by Francine York, entrepreneur, publisher, editor,  Modern Opportunity

The quote at the end pretty much says it all...
"the greatest gifts we can give one another are the gifts of time, attention and laughter"ůMike Moore

This short, soft covered book is packed with good old fashioned wisdom. His main emphasis is on the incredible value of humor in all phases of one's life. What's also great are the cartoons he drew to emphasize his points about humor. Light hearted and easy to read, this book offers a very powerful message...They who laugh.....Last.


Hi Mike,
I came across your book this morning while at work so I started reading. I just couldn't stop laughing...the "Lets go home" story had to be my favourite. You are a very entertaining writer and I really enjoyed the read. I just had to e-mail and let you know your humour is appreciated on a Friday!
Take care,

Hello Mike,

I just finished your book 'Light up with Laughter' and I giggled ....hooted.....snickered....and just out and out laughed....

Thanks so much for the fun. The stories that were told in your talk were just as much fun the second time and I could see you telling them again.
You have a warm way with humor.
                                                                                                                 Take care
                                                                                                                  still smiling
                                                                                                                        Lynn :  )


The World Health Organization says that by the year 2020 anxiety and depression
 will be the leading causes of disability throughout the world.

We are living in an age of rage.

Stress is killing us.

We really don't enjoy the only life we have.

Children laugh over 400 times a day. Adults laugh a mere 15 times a day.

We must start laughing again.

We aren't here for a long time so let's make sure we're here for a good time

Discover Speaker/Humorist Mike Moore's
H.A. Principle
( Humor and Positive Attitude)
and Put it to Work for You

in Your Quest for Health and Happiness

A couple in my audience approached me after a talk on humor and laughter and said that they always have a copy of my book
" Light Up With Laughter" available to read on the John.  ( How Moving!!)

No Bathroom/Restroom/Privy
 in the world should be without...

Light Up With Laughter

Dear Reader,

When I wrote  and illustrated this book a few years ago I wrote it for my audiences as a response to their constant question, " Mike, do you have a book for us to take home?"

At the time I didn't  so I sat down and wrote what was to become my signature creation.

Light Up With Laughter ( The Humor and Health Connection) has sold over 5000 copies at my presentations  throughout the USA and Canada. People just love it because it is fun and informative.

People have said that it makes for great reading in bed and on the JOHN. ( How Moving)!

Anyway.... When I reflected on the success of this book and when I read a quote that said that we teach what we desperately need to learn  I realized that I had really written it for myself.

The wonder of it all  is that other people saw themselves as having the same need and hunger for laughter, positive attitude and joy in their lives as I do. We are all in this together.

How to Laugh your way to happiness, improved health and relationships

This is the book that results in Mike  being invited ( over 30 times a year) to speak throughout Canada and the USA on laughter therapy, and the humor and health connection.

No library or bathroom should be without this book!
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* happiness

* laughter therapy and happiness

* health care humor

* The awesome power of  mental health humor

*  Laughter in tense situations

*  Toxic humor

*  Cartoon humor and improved relationships

* The value of humor and health in the quest for happiness

* Humor in the workplace

* Smile power

* Our human need for laughter

* Frustration, anger and humor

* How to become a Laughologist

* Mining the Moment
( How to discover and celebrate the funny things that happen to you every day)

*  Irritations and humor

* How humor and laughter improve health and relationships

PLUS .. .

20 funny stories from the life of the author

PLUS ...

15 original cartoons by Mike Moore celebrating the joy of being human

Illustrated by the author

Laughter ALONE cuts stress in half

Humor really does make great things happen!

Full money back guarantee  for 30 days

Don't Worry:  Be Happy

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To book him for a speaking engagement, contact him at 193 Balmoral Dr, Brantford, Ontario, Canada N3R 7S2. Phone (519) 753-0702. Email

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