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65 Workplace Cartoons/Office Cartoons/ Business Cartoons By Speaker/Cartoonist
Mike Moore

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Why Use Cartoons...

1. Cartoon humor makes a point without offending the viewer.

 2.Cartoons can boost staff morale and support company aims and objectives.
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  4. Cartoons break up the printed page and promote readability.

  5.  Cartoons stimulate staff discussion on a sensitive topic.

Get Your Office Memos, Fliers, Newsletters and Announcements Read  and Eagerly Anticipated by Including Humorous Cartoons.

Hi Friends, 
Mike Moore here sharing my absolute passion for cartoons and cartooning with you.  I have been drawing and selling my cartoons for over 35 years  and I have enjoyed every second of it.  In fact, I would cartoon even if I didn't get paid for it. ( That's the sign of  a Life Passion.)

When I began my speaking career I soon discovered that my cartoons and my presentation content were a perfect fit. 

My audiences loved them and began asking me if they were for sale and if they were... where and how could they purchase them.

Well at the time they weren't but they are NOW and you can purchase them RIGHT HERE.

" Laugh just for the health of it."
workplace cartoons
65 Workplace Cartoons/Office Cartoons/ Business Cartoons By Speaker/Cartoonist Mike Moore

Ideal for office newsletters, bulletin boards, fridge doors, presentations and promotional fliers

Each cartoon comes to you as ready to use jpeg format.

workplace humor

One cartoon is worth 2000 words

Ten Reasons to Put Humor and Laughter to Work for You In Your  Workplace

The Role and Value of Humor

1. It cuts stress in half

2. Lowers blood pressure
3. Increases your energy
4. Promotes happiness
5. Stimulates the immune system
6. Promotes healing (physical and emotional)
7. Positive humor fosters a positive attitude
8. Promotes social flexibility
9. Increases endorphins ( feel good chemicals)
10. Bonds us to one another and reduces social conflict

I ask you what workplace couldn't benefit from all of the above?

" A happy workplace is a productive workplace."
Mike Moore

Hi. I'm Mike Moore and I earn my living speaking, drawing  and writing on the topic of Humor in the Workplace.  Each year I am invited by companies and organizations to work with managers and staffs on  How to Create A Thank God It's Monday Workplace.

I jump at the chance to speak because I am utterly convinced that every workplace in the world will  benefit BIG TIME from  my message and strategies.

Laughter makes great things happen.

I want to offer you a collection of 65 cartoons related to people in the workplace.

I love the line from Henry Ford that shows that all workplace problems are people problems...
" Why is it that when all I need is a good pair of hands they have to come attached to a human being?"

Another on leadership ( unknown author)
" Any leader without a sense of humor is like a grass cutter at a cemetery; they have a lot of people under them paying absolute;y NO attention."

Start including humor in your workplace now and start reaping the fantastic benefits humor provides.


business cartoon

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Humor Makes Great Things Happen!