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Managing teachers' stress  and reducing teacher burnout one laugh at a time.

If I could help you avoid teacher burnout, reduce teacher stress, make you a more charismatic and happy teacher would you be interested?

Feeling Burned Out, Dried Up, Overworked, Unappreciated?

The NO BULL Approach to Taking Back Our Profession

I have a few questions for you.

1. Have you lost confidence and pride  in yourself as a teacher?

2.  Have you lost the joy you once had in teaching?

3.  Have your lessons become drab and uninteresting?

4.  Do you find yourself stressed out of your tree ?

5.  Do you hate the thought of a parent teacher interview

6.  Rather than having 10 years experience, do you have one year repeated 10 times?

If you answered " YES" to one or more of these questions then you MUST do something  to restore what you've lost.

cartoons for teachers

This is one sample of the 47 cartoons you get in the Teacher Boosting Kit

A True Story

I recall teaching with a young woman who was going through hell and was forced to take an extended stress leave because of one toxic parent and one unethical fellow staff member.

What was the problem?

Her teaching style was low key.  She was a bit shy and lacked confidence when talking to parents and peers.  Because of this she was perceived as dull, uninteresting, weak and incompetent even though her students seemed to like her. (What we do in the name of concern for students.)

After 6 months on stress leave she returned to teach at another school under a stronger, more understanding and supportive principal. She never had a problem like that again and is now approaching 20 years in the profession.

The sad fact is that I have seen this type of story played out far too often with  more tragic results.

It is one of the reasons I have committed myself to becoming an advocate for teachers to help promote fair treatment, self confidence, assertiveness, joy and a healthy productive relationship between teacher and parent.

Teacher Boosting  Kit

Dear Fellow Teacher

          For over 30 years I taught at the elementary, secondary and college levels and enjoyed every minute of it.

Near the end of my career I began to notice  big changes in teacher morale, confidence and in the enjoyment of their profession. 

Teacher bullying by toxic parents began to occur more frequently.  Support from the home lessened significantly and respect for teachers was at an all time low.

Teachers became the targets of student violence and parental aggression.

The joy once found in abundance among teachers was fast disappearing.

Something had to be done to restore joy and sanity to our profession and the essential parent/teacher/student relationships  involved in what we do.

That's when I came up with my Teacher Boosting Kit.

Presently I speak to teachers throughout Canada and the USA on its contents

Get your copy today and begin the return to sanity and joy

Hey Mike I am interested in your Teacher Boosting Kit

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1. Ease UP( Managing teacher Stress)

2. Up Your Teaching Pizzazz ( How to put more ZIP into your teaching)

3. Coping with Toxic Parents

4. You've Got To Laugh (47 original cartoons for and about teachers)

5. Let Me Tell You A Story (30 Life Lesson Stories for Teachers and Students)

If you purchased all four separately it would cost you over $50.00.

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  Managing teacher stress and reducing teacher burnout one laugh at a time