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Coping With Difficult People At Work
( A Pocket Guide)

How to Tame the Toxic People You Work With


      " You don't exist on this earth to be someone's personal garbage dump" M. Moore

" Why is it that when all I need is a good pair of hands they have to come attached to a human being?" H. Ford

difficult people at work
8.5" x 3.5"
A handy hard cover pocket guide
Workplace Stress is Killing Us...
Most, if not all, workplace stress is caused by your attitude towards the people you work with.

* Why you must learn how to cope with the difficult people you work with.

*  Tips on how to cope with difficult people

*  How to become more assertive at work

*  The art of saying NO.

*  Cultivating the Art of Patience at work

*  Ten terrific self motivating tips to promote assertiveness and confidence

*   How to manage workplace stress

*  The value of humour in the workplace and how to promote it

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Hi Mike,

My boss was verbally abusive and loved to belittle people publicly, often moving around the room in a somewhat threatening manner. I believe
he was insecure and it was his way of trying to stop people challenging his ideas. He is the most toxic person I have met in a very long time.

I did your selective  silence strategy when he was berating me one on
one. This drove him crazy and he dismissed me from the room.

The fact that I did not argue or get upset was very disconcerting
for him. I think he literally did not know what to do. 

Thank you.Belinda L. Australia

Three Reasons People Verbally Bully Others...
1.We let them get away with it.
2.It works for them.
3.They feel they just  have to show others who's in charge.

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Hi. My name is Mike Moore and I am a professional speaker whose main areas of concern are ...

* Humor in the Workplace

* Humor and Workplace Stress
* Maximizing Staff Potential and Employment Enjoyment
* Coping with Difficult People

Thanks for your interest in becoming more assertive with those you  work with. 

My  booklet " Coping with Difficult People at Work" was written in response to the expressed needs of people just like YOU.  Every time I give a presentation on the subject I get asked the same question...
" What can we do to become more assertive with those who try to push us around at work?" 
To answer this I wrote my booklet
 " Coping with Difficult People at Work" and from the orders and inquiries I am receiving from all around the world the need is universal.

THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO CAN GET ON YOUR NERVES AND MAKE YOUR LIFE AT WORK MISERABLE.  We must learn how to cope with them in order to remain sane  healthy and productive at work.

"Coping with Difficult People at Work" will provide you with practical, effective strategies to use in all areas of your life but especially at work.

You will learn how to state your opinion with confidence even when your opinion is different from the opinions of those around you. And to say NO with comfort and without guilt. 

You will also learn how to disarm verbal bullies who try to make themselves look good by making you look bad.

stress cartoons

" Show me an unhurried woman and I'll show you....A MAN!

stress relief

Here it is people.A Pocket Guide to
Coping With Difficult People at Work.

You can now order  it as a hard copy delivered right to your door or...as a

 downloadable E-book

You can order multiple copies to give  your employees or clients or as promotional items.

Email me for information and prices

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More Information

Tired of living in an "AGE OF RAGE"???

Road Rage, Office Rage, Rink Rage, Air Rage, Age Rage

Learn how to manage your stress and start enjoying life.

Need to slow down and smell the roses???

Don't  continue to " Embrace Your Pace"

Our main aim in life should be the achievement of Peace of Mind

Thoughts About the Modern Workplace

* Stress is the number one problem facing employees.

* The World Health Organization says that by the year 2020 depression will be the leading cause of disability in workplaces throughout the world.

* 44% of all Long Term Disability claims by teachers are stress related. This is 3-4 times that of the general public.

* According to a Canadian government survey we, as a society, spend 32 billon dollars a year on mental illness.

* 43% of people surveyed say that they hate their job.

* A British study has found that your health is seriously effected by the quality of your relationship with your supervisor. Those who have a poor relationship with their supervisor tend to have high blood pressure and high stress levels.

*  New research links stress to disease.

Damaging Effects of Workplace Stress: ( Toronto Star April 2004)

1. Stress damages the brain and can impair memory function

2. Stress raises blood pressure and stimulates the production of inflammatory hormones which contribute to the build-up of plaque in the arteries.

3.  Stress can trigger pain, gas and other symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. It also aggravates stomach  ulcers.

4. Stress can aggravate painful joints.

          Life is a mystery to be lived and enjoyed, not a problem to be solved and endured.


  If laughter reduces stress, then laugh to reduce your stress



A great gift for the stressed out person in your life even if that person is YOU.

Humor makes great things happen!

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