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Motivational Moments 52 Original Cartoons to Motivate, Inspire and Amuse (From the pen of Speaker/Cartoonist Mike Moore

You'll be amazed at what one little cartoon can do to cheer you up, inspire and motivate you to achieve your untapped potential.

You'll be amazed at what one little cartoon can do to cheer you up, inspire and motivate you to achieve your untapped potential.

52 Motivational Cartoons ONLY $14.97 Plus... 2 great bonus products 52 Motivational Cartoons to get you off the couch and into the joy of living

We all need a Motivational Boost Now and Then.
Why not get yours with a Mike Moore Motivational Cartoon?

The most under used educational area of your home or staffroom is the FRIDGE DOOR. Why not post a motivational cartoon on yours so that you are motivated every time you open it which, for most of us, is FREQUENTLY.

A Humor Resource to Get You Going Special Funny Motivational Cartoon Offer From speaker/cartoonist Mike Moore

" Laugh just for the health of it."

Using Humor and Laughter to help you live the life you were meant to live
Motivational Cartoons to get you off the couch and into the joy of living
How to Squeeze Every Drop of Happiness and Fun Out of the Only Life You've Got

If you're one of the millions walking around with your ass dragging and your spirits drooping... Do something about it NOW!!
If thoughts rule the world then make sure that humorous thoughts rule yours.

My $14.97 Offer

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Each cartoon comes a jpeg file. You just open the collection and then... cut and paste then insert wherever you want it, print it off and then scan to any document or transfer a cartoon to a powerpoint presentation. The list goes on
Uses of Mike's Motivational Cartoons... publishing, presentations, newsletters, blogs, websites,memos, promotions or just putting on the fridge door to keep people motivated, inspired and amused.

52 Motivational Cartoons

(Sent to you as jpeg files ready to use)

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Here are a few samples from this cartoon collection.

Commit yourself to the enjoyment of the only life you have

Pain in life is inevitable...misery is optional

Put a cartoon on your desk or bulletin board or shaving mirror for frequent reference.

Permission to use each cartoon is granted with each order

Hi Friends,

I'm On A Mission to Humorize the World... Starting with YOU

Sound like a huge undertaking?
Maybe, but why not think BIG?

Because the world needs humor and laughter in a BIG WAY!!

  • Stress is making us ill and even killing us
  • We're living in an age of Rage
  • Violence continues to hurt and divide us
  • We can't get along with one another at home, at work and even at play.
  • We live in fear of so many things and we worry constantly about things that will never happen
  • Huge numbers of us are on antidepressants and tranquilizers.
    ( 28 million Americans are on antidepressants)
  • We have lost the joy of living
OK, but what can Humor and laughter do?
Glad you asked...

  1. They cut stress in half by reducing cortisol ( The stress hormone)
  2. Lower blood pressure
  3. Increase your energy
  4. Promote happiness and joy
  5. Stimulate the immune system
  6. Promote healing (physical and emotional)
  7. Positive humor fosters a positive attitude
  8. Promote social flexibility
  9. Increase endorphins ( feel good chemicals)
  10. Humor has been called SOCIAL GLUE because it bonds us to one another and reduces social conflict.

It is the most overlooked and underprescribed therapy going

What can You Do??

  1. Commit yourself to joy and laughter. We become what we focus on.
  2. Become a humor hound. Carry a notebook and a pen with you and record the funny things your see and experience.
  3. Learn to laugh at yourself and do it daily.
  4. Collect cartoons and short humor and put them on your fridge door to stimulate your FUN response.
  5. Practice humor therapy each day and reap the fantastic health and social benefits.

Dear Friend

I'm Mike Moore and I am a professional speaker/cartoonist/humorist in the area of Humor/Laughter/Attitude and Human Wellness. My cartoons and articles have appeared in publications online and offline throughout Canada and the USA.
For many years I have believed strongly in the power of positive thoughts to radically change our lives for the better. And there are no stronger thoughts than positive humor and postive attitude.
The message I have for you is so much in demand today that I am paid fantastic fees for traveling throughout Canada and the USA speaking about it to businesses, nurses, teachers, doctors etc.
People are hungry for information on health, happiness and peace of mind and I certainly welcome any opportunity to speak on the subject. I am passionate about helping people live more effectively and joyfully the only life they have.

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ONLY $14.97


Permission to use my cartoons is granted with every purchase.
Improve your life and disposition with funny motivational cartoons by Mike Moore.

Mirth Motivates
Nothing improves in your life unless you take action.

52 Motivational Cartoons to get you off the couch and into the joy of living

Laughter Makes Great Things Happen