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Mike Moore, Motivational Speaker/Humorist
A speaker you just must have for a price you can afford.

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" Have Mouth, Will Travel."

Dear Mike,
               Our teachers loved you and were motivated and inspired so thank you. You delivered much more than anyone expected, except me, of course, because I knew how awesome you are.  
                        Thanks. K. Wendling Principal, Ontario Canada

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Ten Reasons to Put Humor and Laughter to Work for You.

1. It cuts stress in half
2. Lowers blood pressure
3. Increases your energy
4. Promotes happiness
5. Stimulates the immune system
6. Promotes healing (physical and emotional)
7. Positive humor fosters a positive attitude
8. Promotes social flexibility
9. Increases endorphins ( feel good chemicals)
10. Bonds us to one another and reduces social conflict

Presently I speak to teachers throughout Canada about 30 times a year. If you need a humourous, teacher affirming speaker for your next professional Development Day give me a shout.

Laughter Makes GREAT Things Happen!

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To book him for a speaking engagement, contact him at 193 Balmoral Dr, Brantford, Ontario, Canada N3R 7S2. Phone (519) 753-0702. Email

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