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Coping with Toxic Parentsmotivational keynote speaker

"I want teachers to celebrate being part of a noble and vital profession not endure it as another of life's stresses." Mike Moore

"Teachers don't exist to be the dart boards of society. They are an important player on society's educational team." Mike Moore

"Any society that thinks nothing of paying its athletes millions to throw a ball, or swing a bat  while reluctant to pay it teachers  a professional wage  is  experiencing a crisis in values."
Mike Moore

If your problem, as a teacher, involves not knowing how to cope with difficult/toxic parents and fellow staff members and you want to solve it NOW then  read on...

A True Story

I recall teaching with a young woman who was going through hell and was forced to take an extended stress leave because of one toxic parent and one unethical fellow staff member.

What was the problem?

Her teaching style was low key.  She was a bit shy and lacked confidence when talking to parents and peers.

Because of this she was perceived as dull, uninteresting, weak and incompetent even though her students seemed to like her. (What we do in the name of concern for students.)

After 6 months on stress leave she returned to teach at another school under a stronger, more understanding and supportive principal. She never had a problem like that again and is now approaching 20 years in the profession.

The sad fact is that I have seen this type of story played out far too often with  more tragic results.

It is one of the reasons I have committed myself to becoming an advocate for teachers to help promote fair treatment, self confidence, assertiveness, joy and a healthy productive relationship between teacher and parent.
by  Mike Moore
  • The characteristics of toxic people
  • Types of human behaviour
  • Why some parents are toxic
  • How to deal with toxic parents
  • How to deal with toxic staff members
  • Becoming assertive
  • How to say NO! and mean it.
  • Assertiveness in action
  • The assertive power of silence
  • How to assert yourself by asking questions
  • The disarming power of appreciation and praise
  • How to handle sarcasm, ridicule and put-down
  • Developing confidence as a professional
  • Asking for what you want
  • Assertive decision making
  • The power of disapproval
  • The assertive look
  • The power of an assertive tone
  • How to meet resistance head on
  • Disarming the verbal bully
  • Coping with the difficult principal
  • Coping with difficult staff members
  • Relax for even greater assertive power
  • Motivate yourself to be assertive
  • How to bring about the change you want/need
motivational keynote speaker

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motivational keynote speaker

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Mike Moore: Have Mouth...Will Travel

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Mike Moore B.A M.Ed ( A Speaker Teachers enjoy and won't soon forget)

Professional Keynote Speaker Recipient of  his county's DISTINGUISHED TEACHER AWARD.

  • Mike
    The time I spent in that packed room with you brings a smile to my face every time I think of it and I am not alone in my opinion. Many of my staff mates were there too and you were the talk of our staffroom Monday morning!!(all great of course, especially the serenade at the end, perhaps you have a chance at a singing career.
    Thank you again for a truly entertaining session.
    As long we all continue to work in stressful job situations, you will always be needed and most appreciated!
    All the best!!
    Thank you again.

    Janet L, New Brunswick, Canada

  • Good morning Mike,
    I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend one of your sessions on stress during our teacher PD day on the Fredericton campus. What a joy it was to have someone tell me that I am not crazy ( at least not yet) and that the amount of stress that teachers are faced with is a very real problem. I have been teaching for 22 years and there have been days where I just didn't know what end was up.
    You gave me the push I desperately needed to wade through the rest of this year and I cannot thank you enough for your encouragement and kind words you gave to this profession that has become so challenging in recent times.
    I sincerely hope that I am fortunate enough to hear you speak again and that you continue to entertain and support us as we strive to educate these little darlings.
    Good health and great success to you.

    Janet Lincoln

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Teaching should be a happy profession but for many of you it isn't. Do something about it now.
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