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According to a recent Canadian Study, student stress is up over 30% from last year.
And last year was far too high.

Managing Student Stress Naturally

  53 effective stress busters to teach stressed out students to manage their ever increasing stress without running to a doctor for tranquillizers.

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Manage Student Stress Without Drugs
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A Pocket Guide to Managing Student Stress Naturally
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Relaxation Techniques


1. Take three deep breaths slowly. It really works to relax the body and mind.

2. Relax the tongue. Usually the tongue is held tightly against the teeth. Free it up in the mouth so it can just rest there without tension.

3. Take one minute vacations. In your mind visit places where you find peace and stillness. Picture yourself there soaking up the beauty and solitude.

4. Relax your facial muscles. When we are tense we frown and squint which adds to the tension. Tell your facial muscles to relax and they will. Try to maintain this relaxed face throughout the day.

5. Visualize yourself as a balloon being inflated. As you breathe in, the balloon fills with your stress and tension. Then breathe out all the stress and tension leaving yourself limp and relaxed.

6. Enjoy the rhythm and beauty of nature for its lessons are patience and peace.



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REMEMBER...Your students  have all the power they need to manage stress without resorting to drugs.


Manage Teacher Stress
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"Mike has a very engaging style.  He has a way of telling stories that makes people want to listen.  You'll hear how he really captivates his audience when he tells a story. This is something every speaker/teacher should want to master."
      Bryan Caplovitz of Speaker Match

The time I spent in that packed room with you brings a smile to my face every time I think of it and I am not alone in my opinion. Many of my staff mates were there too and you were the talk of our staffroom Monday morning!!(all great of course, especially the serenade at the end, perhaps you have a chance at a singing career.

Thank you again for a truly entertaining session.

As long we all continue to work in stressful job situations, you will always be needed and most appreciated!

All the best!!

Janet L, New Brunswick, Canada

Mike Moore: Have Mouth...Will Travel
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Mike Moore B.A  M.Ed ( A Speaker Teachers enjoy and won't soon forget)

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Good morning Mike,
I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend one of your sessions on stress during our teacher PD day on the Fredericton campus. What a joy it was to have someone tell me that I am not crazy ( at least not yet) and that the amount of stress that teachers are faced with is a very real problem. I have been teaching for 22 years and there have been days where I just didn't know what end was up.

You gave me the push I desperately needed to wade through the rest of this year and I cannot thank you enough for your encouragement and kind words you gave to this profession that has become so challenging in recent times.

I sincerely hope that I am fortunate enough to hear you speak again and that you continue to entertain and support us as we strive to educate these little darlings.

Good health and great success to you.

Janet Lincoln
Come and see us again sometime. You are always welcome!

Teacher/Speaker Mike Moore
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" We've Got to Get Teachers Laughing and Enjoying the Profession Again and Laughter is a Great Place to Start." MM

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Mike, I will continue
to visit your website because you are a breath of fresh air. I will also mention your name to other companies that I deal with because I believe that we could
 all benefit from you. I would love to have the chance to meet you some day.

                                                                  J. Lauzon, Timmins ON Canada

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