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"The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy. "

Mike Moore



Mom's Survival Kit

(Stress Management for Stressed out Moms)
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" Show me an unhurried woman and I'll show you....A MAN"

"Laughter relaxes you when Motherhood  doesn't."


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" Humor Makes Us
Stop, Look, Laugh,Learn and RELAX."

Laughter Is a Mom's Greatest  Survival Tool
 Is it Yours?

Let's face it... Motherhood is Stressful
and stress is killing Moms and robbing them of  the enjoyment of life.

Dear Moms.
I know what you're saying right now. "How can Mike(a man) know anything about womens' stress?"  Well I speak  on stress management throughout Canada and the USA and 90% of the people in my audiences are women. So like any good writer/speaker I have listened and responded to their opinions and needs.

I also flew all my ideas by my wife  and she, as always, gave me her opinion and go ahead.

Hope you find them helpful.....Mike

Damaging Effects of Stress:
(Toronto Star April 2004)

  • Stress damages the brain and can impair memory function
  • Stress raises blood pressure and stimulates the production of inflammatory hormones which contribute to the build-up of plaque in the arteries.
  • Stress can trigger pain, gas and other symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. It also aggravates stomach  ulcers.
  • Stress can aggravate painful joints.
  • Stress destroys relationships at home, at work and at play

stressed out Moms

The Recipe for Immediate Stress Relief

How to Relax and squeeze every drop of happiness and fun from the only life you have

" Stop Fuming, Fretting and Start Living Relaxed"

mom cartoon

"Laughter makes the world stay sane"

Stress Management Using Humor, Simple Relaxation and Positive Attitude

Stress makes us age faster by damaging the DNA of the immune system.  It not only weakens the immune system but it  increases our risk of heart disease. M. D. Lemonick  " The Ravages of Stress" Time Magazine

 A Stress Management Program  for Those Living  Life in Passing Gear

Living Life in  Passing Gear is Killing You

Letís face it weíre living in an age of fast food, quick fixes, speedy this, instant that, high stress and increasing rage.

We desperately need to slow down but wonít or canít or just donít know how to do it.

        Help is Here             

Why Purchase Mom's Survival Kit

Laughter alone cuts stress in half.

A cartoon effectively gets your message across to your family, friends or co-workers without resorting to a sledge-hammer.

No fridge door should be without cartoons.

People who laugh together last together.

Laughter gives you more energy by increasing  oxygen in your blood.

Cartoons are great reminders to slow down and enjoy life.  I like to have one near my shaving mirror in the morning.

Laughter lowers blood pressure and makes you feel good.

Humor is an effective way to get at the truth.

If you find something funny search it for hidden wisdom, insight and truth. ( W.I.T.)

Every MOM knows that the fridge door is the family bulletin
board so use it to your advantage.

stress cartoons

" Laugh just for the health of it."

A funny stress cartoon is worth 2000 words and two tranquilizers


Survival Kit for Moms

Stretched to the Limit
( Stress Management for Busy Moms)


Embracing the Mystery
moms survival kit


 55 Cartoons For Moms
( Sent as individual jpeg files)



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stress cartoons image

This is so true isn't it.  When I get stressed it is always because someone isn't playing by my rulebook.
This little cartoon can really make you think and analyse your life.

Wasn't it Socrates who said, " An unexamined life isn't worth living?"

Find and enjoy  the comedy in your chaos

Great for any Mom interested in stress management and living a balanced life in an unbalanced world.

Humor makes great things happen.

You only have one life to live so live it fully, joyfully and RELAXED.

The Message is clear... Commit yourself to Laughter and reap the huge benefits.


Hi Mike. Thank you again for the great day. I haven't laughed that much in a long time. You are wonderful at what you do and it does relieve stress. We all left there feeling stress free and happy.
K. Edmunds Nova Scotia Canada.

Hey, Mike...thank you so very much again for the positivity today. You are giving a lot of us hope, joy and the freedom to be us again as we were when we were kids. I certainly will be putting the tools to good use on the job and in the life game asap. God Bless and many more years of "teaching" ahead.
Janice B. Sydney Nova Scotia

Hi Mike

I just finished your book 'Light up with Laughter' and I giggled ....hooted.....snickered....and just out and out laughed....thanks so much for the fun. The stories that were told in your talk were just as much fun the second time and I could see you telling them again. You have a warm way with humour.
I just wanted you to know that you warmed up my day and I think that a lot of healing went on that day. I like your idea of healing with to start spreading the smile......
You have a special gift and I am glad you crossed my path.Hope you cross it again I knew for sure it will be a fun smiling time.

Still smiling, Lynn, Toronto Canada




Money Back if Not Satisfied

" We can't get rid of stress (if we did we'd be dead). What we can do, and must do is learn how to manage it so that it doesn't destroy our health, joy and well being." M.Moore*
 Laughter cuts stress in half. Commit to joy and laughter

Laugh your way
to stress relief with a Mike Moore Cartoon

Tired of living in an "AGE OF RAGE"???
Road Rage, Office Rage, Rink Rage, Air Rage, Age Rage.

Thoughts About Stress

* Stress is the number one problem facing employees.

* The World Health Organization says that by the year 2020 depression will be the leading cause of disability.

* 44% of all Long Term Disability claims by teachers are stress related. This is 3-4 times that of the general public

* According to a Canadian government survey we, as a society, spend 32 billon dollars a year on mental illness.

* 43% of people surveyed say that they hate their job.

* A British study has found that your health is seriously effected by the quality of your relationship with your supervisor. Those who have a poor relationship with their supervisor tend to have high blood pressure and high stress levels.

* New research links stress to disease.

If laughter reduces stress,
then laugh to reduce yours

Life is a mystery to be lived and enjoyed,
not a problem to be solved and endured.

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