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Attention Speakers, Trainers, Teachers and Conversationalists  etc.
" How to Be Funny and Entertaining"
(Without Ever Having to Tell A Joke)

( This is NOT a how to Be a Stand-up Comic Program)

How to Be Funny
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A MUST for Speakers, Trainers, Teachers,Consultants and those wanting to improve the quality of their conversations

Just for a moment imagine yourself being the kind of person...

*  People want to be around

*  People enjoy

*  Who brings joy and laughter to others.

*  Who is invited everywhere

*   People find attractive

*  Whose speeches and lessons come alive

* People listen and pay attention when you speak

How to be funny

Dear  Friend

Imagine yourself at a party surrounded by people who find you witty, entertaining and totally captivating.

They laugh at your humorous stories and one-liners.
You know just what to say and when to say it.
You are both interesting and interested.
Got the picture?
Like what you see?

Well it can happen sooner and easier and FASTER than you think.

Hi,  Mike Moore here and I am a Canadian speaker/humorist/cartoonist. I happen to earn my living entertaining and informing people.

Each year I speak to numerous organizations throughout Canada and the USA on  Humor and Human Relations, Humor and Health and Humor and Stress Management.

Before and after I speak I mix and mingle with members of my audience who, without fail, say to me, " I wish I could make people laugh like you do." If I had a dollar for every time this happens
I'd be a rich man.

" They deserve heaven who make another laugh."
( ancient proverb)

What I'm about to tell you will almost certainly transform your social life and your public speaking in no time flat. ( I'll tell you just how quickly this can be done in a moment.)

This is something I hear frequently, " But Mike I wasn't born with a sense of humor." Well I've got news for you. No one was born with a sense of humor. It's something we learn.  and if it's something we learn YOU CAN LEARN IT...with my help.

I can teach you the what and how of becoming more entertaining in as little as one or two hours.
BUT... teaching you how to have courage and confidence takes a little longer.

What qualifies me to assume that I can do this?
Well, as I said before it's is what I do for a living.
Take a peek here.

Here's my Fantastic offer to you.

When you order your copy of
" How to Be Funny and Entertaining"
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you will also receive...

A bonus copy of
"How to Unleash Your Untapped Potential"

You just can't beat this offer!!

Let me show you around my Humor SPECIAL REPORT
 " How to be Funny and Entertaining "

This is what You'll Learn...
* Barriers to being funny and how to overcome them
* How to overcome shyness
* How to motivate yourself
*  How to connect with people
* The art of humourous confident conversation
*  How to be confident even when you're not
*  Humor styles
*  What women and men like to talk about
* Get the law of expectations working for you
* Sharpen your sense of humor
* Developing a humor style
* How to get a laugh even when your humor flops
* The art of the one-liner
* What to say plus when and how to say it
* Becoming a humor hound
*  Inserting humor into everyday social interaction
* How to mine the moments of your life for humor
*  How to share personal humourous stories
*  Starting a humor log
* How to be entertaining no matter where you are


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Humor Makes Great Things Happen!


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