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" My Main Goal is to Help You Achieve Yours."

Mike Moore:
The Master of Laughter
Mike is a recognized authority on the importance and application of Humour and Attitude in Staff Appreciation and Stress Management

Mike's Personal Credo

"I believe that people are the most valuable resource any organization has and when you work to enhance their health, well being and happiness you contribute to your  your own success and profitability." M.M.

Motivate Your Staff and Manage their Stress  Using Humour, Attitude and Appreciation

A Great Return On Your Investment

" It's not just the message Mike shares, it's how he makes the audience feel about themselves, their life, work and relationships that make a Mike Moore presentation a fantastic ROI"

Let Mike help you...

 manage staff stress
promote healthy attitudes and relationships
boost staff morale and appreciation
create employment enjoyment
increase staff productivity...

NOTE: Between $2700 and $7500 per employee per year is spent on dealing with the effects of workplace stress. R. Tangri

See Mike In Action  
(7 minute youtube video)

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Presentation Topics Based on the
H. A. Factor

( I am able to tailor a presentation(s) to suit your specific needs.)

Stretched to the Limit
( Managing stress with humour and attitude)

The Financial Costs of Stress to the Workplace

Unmanaged stress is one of the biggest problems facing the corporate world throughout North America today.

* Unmanaged stress is a 300 billion dollar profit killer.

* Between $2700 and $7500 per employee per year is spent on dealing with the
effects of workplace stress.

According to author Ravi Tangri companies could boost profits 14% per year by dealing with workplace stress. Stress management programs pay for themselves in six months.

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What Would We Do Without You?
( Staff Appreciation,Staff Recognbition)

staff appreciation
"Your staff will walk over hot coals in their bare-feet if they know they are appreciated."
( Such is the power of staff  appreciation and staff recognition)

Additional Topics
Leadership is a Laughing Matter
(  How to Become a Humour Oriented Leader)

Ya Gotta Laugh
( How to  find the comedy in your chaos)  
How to Create a Thank God It's Monday Workplace
(The Power of Employment Enjoyment)

These presentations has been given hundreds of times to audiences throughout Canada and the USA
with rave reviews
Client Testimonials


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Wow! I am so glad I was able to drop by & listen to your presentation last week at the NF Lion's celebration. Your message was wonderful. Your delivery was smooth, eloquent & engaging. You certainly know how to capture the crowd. Great sense of humour as well.

                                     Sincerely, B. MacDougall,
                                        Principal, Niagara Falls


Be Prepared to Laugh and Learn!!
( What people learn laughing they never forget.)

Mike Moore
Here I am Speaking at a Medical Conference in Tampa, FL
(It looks like I'm  bragging about the Big Bass I caught.)

          Over 7000 Sold

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